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Invoice Finance in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - The Order
Step 2 - The Cash
Step 3 - The Collection

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Invoice Discounting

Step 1 - The Order
Step 2 - The Cash
Step 3 - You Liase with Customer for Collection
Step 4 - The Settlement

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Single Invoice Factoring / Short Term Cash Flow

· A single customer only
· A seasonal trading pattern
· A need to finance a specific, one-off project

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- Can you afford not to be covered?
- One off policies
- Adhoc Client not covered under your current policy
- Specialist Bad Debt Protection
- More cost effective in some circumstances

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Factoring or Discounting?

- Cost Effectiveness
- Size of Turnover
- Time

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Invoice Finance

Invoice finance is any product that lets you trade invoices for finance, this can be invoice factoring, invoice discounting, receivables factoring, confidential factoring, non-recourse factoring or any other configuration of the above. Invoice finance is used in business and commercial financing to remove the requirement for personal guarantees or assets to be used as security. You simply 'sell' the invoice to the agent, collect the bulk of the cash up front. All with no stress or worry about debt collection. 

SME and Small Business Solutions

Getting finance as a small company with little or no trading history can be extremely difficult, that is why many SMEs turn to debt factoring. Your small business is not required to own any assets, or provide any guarantee making invoice factoring the go-to choice for all types of small and medium sized business.

How Invoice Finance Expert can help you find the best deal for your business:

  • We search the market to make sure you get the best lender for the business needs
  • We have access to over 30 of the UK’s leading lenders and will cherry pick 2-3 providers that are best suited to your requirements.
  • We won’t charge you a penny
  • Our expert advice is completely free and so there are no obligations to take up a facility.
  • The Most Simple Way to get Finance for your Business - Release upto 95% of your invoice value in 24 Hrs

Why Invoice Finance?

Free cash flow
Many businesses fail not from lack of profit, but from a lack of cash. We can help. Our 
factoring and invoice discounting solutions are designed to put the funds you need to work in your business fast.
With access to up to 90% of the value of your invoices, you have the working capital you need to trade successfully. (The remaining balance minus our charges is released once your customer pays the invoice.)

Reducing late payment
Late payment is a common problem for many businesses. While we can't eliminate it completely we can help. For example, our thorough credit checks can help you avoid problems before they start. And if you choose our 
factoring products, your business will have our credit control team working to collect the debt on your behalf.

Growth or acquisition

Factoring and invoice discounting are not just products for businesses with cash flow concerns. They can also help if you are looking to expand - organically or through acquisition.
So if your business generates a constant flow of invoices, our factoring services could provide the funding you're looking for.
This could help you fund an acquisition without the need for personal security - or simply facilitate a deal that would otherwise prove difficult. It could also provide the day-to-day funds you need in order to buy raw materials or pay wages.

Management buy-outs and buy-ins
Thinking of a management buy-out or management buy-in? Invoice finance uses the sales ledger to help raise the funds you need. 
This could help you avoid the need for personal security or external funding.